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2022 Elevate Awards

Celebrating the Success and Innovation 

that Makes You More Secure

As the world sees the emergence of one of the most active threat landscapes to date, organizations are preparing themselves to keep information safe. We know that our customers are making innovative moves, taking preventative measures, and doing anything they can to strengthen security. 

Preventing and responding to these threats can be complicated, but every day, we see our customers meet the task at hand. This year, we want to celebrate those customers who are making strides, innovating, managing initiatives, and overall, those who are making the world a safer place.

We want your nominations that showcase security initiatives, improvement, innovations, or partnerships.

This Year’s Categories

The Elevate Awards will recognize finalists and winners in the following categories. As a part of your submission, you will be asked a couple questions that correspond with your category.


Technology Champion

The Technology Champion has a proven ability to manage a sophisticated security initiative. Award winners:

  • Demonstrate an exceptional ability to manage, leverage, and maximize the value of the Menlo solution(s)
  • Advocate for the effective use of cybersecurity technology in their organization and how Menlo contributes to organizational success
  • Showcase how the Menlo solution(s) significantly influence their cybersecurity strategy and results

Organizational Excellence:

The Organizational Excellence award celebrates an individual/organization who made the most successful improvement of overall security strategy and who can:

  • Demonstrate significant improvement in overall security posture (inclusive and exclusive of Menlo solutions)
  • Showcase transformation of security strategy and outlook for future strategy
  • Exhibit a clear picture of before and after results, and demonstrate solid end-user adoption of technology

Cybersecurity Innovation

The CyberSecurity Innovation award recognizes an individual/organization who truly maximizes the value of Menlo solutions by:

  • Leveraging the reporting and data/analytics capabilities offered by Menlo to drive cybersecurity awareness and future adjustments to security strategy
  • Establishing and implementing Menlo products as an integral and innovative component of your security initiative

Excellence in Product Partnership

The Excellence in Product Partnership award recognizes an individual or organization that mirrors Menlo’s own values of collaboration and working together. This award winner:

  • Has volunteered to partner or collaborate with the Menlo team to work towards a shared goal or vision
  • Demonstrates overall excellence in cyber security strategy, while also rising to the top as the strongest advocate and partner of Menlo Security

Excellence in Advocacy Partnership

The Excellence in Advocacy Partnership award recognizes an active member of Menlo’s advocate community and participation in the Elevate program.  The award winner:

  • Actively engages with Menlo’s Elevate program, participates in multiple engagement opportunities, and demonstrates a willingness to push Menlo to continue innovating and exceeding customer expectations


How to submit

Submissions will be open until September 1st

To submit your nomination, click the button below to nominate. Complete the nomination form, making sure to answer the questions to the best of your ability.

You will receive an email after your nomination has been submitted confirming that we have received your submission. 

We will announce contestant progress over the course of the awards program.




We will announce winners on October 1st, 2022. All winners will receive:

An invite to a winners’ dinner in October with Menlo CEO, Amir Ben-Efraim

A seat on Menlo’s Customer Advisory Board, with an inaugural meeting following a winners’ dinner

A trophy commemorating your win

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