Online work is now your safe space.

CISO threats to security readiness.

The risks and challenges that CISOs are grappling with in 2022.

Key insights include: 

  • How evolving technology is compounded by the effects of remote work.
  • Why third-party risk is top of mind.
  • How and why CISOs are acting on Zero Trust.

A survey report focused on the immediate cybersecurity challenges Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) face and their plans to overcome them in 2022.

The primary role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is to ensure that a company has all adequate safeguards in place to protect data assets. Historically, the approaches these security leaders took were centered on locking down assets, limited accessibility, and creating walls surrounding an organization’s crown jewels. Those were simple approaches to simple times, but in a day and age where the modern workforce requires anywhere, anytime access – no matter what device they’re using – the role of the CISO today is complex, to say the least. 

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