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Evaluating evasive threats in today’s cyber landscape 

Combatting the surge of Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT)


The way knowledge workers remain productive and collaborate, coupled with the global pandemic, has ushered in the most rapid pivot in IT security history. This shift created a dramatic pulling forward of demand for cloud services and accelerated the adoption of cloud applications and digital transformation efforts by a decade.


Today, the web browser is essentially the new office space. There’s plenty of data to back this up, but it’s not necessary to prove this, given it’s all around us in our daily lives.


Security has lagged as attack surfaces drastically expanded because of accelerated digital transformation efforts, with organizations still relying on legacy approaches and technology. Threat actors have quickly adapted to bypass these legacy security systems, giving rise to a new class of cyberthreats known as Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT). 


HEAT attacks target web browsers as the attack vector and employ techniques to evade detection from those traditional tools used in current security stacks such as firewalls, Secure Web Gateways, sandbox analysis, URL reputation, and phishing detection solutions. 

This new survey report by Menlo Security aims to understand organizations’ knowledge of these advanced threats, whether they are seeing more of them, and how well equipped they are to prevent these attacks. Key insights include: 

  • An increasing amount of time spent working in the browser and accessing cloud-based applications has been accompanied by an uptick in browser-based attacks and compromised devices. 
  • Web malware and ransomware top list of security threats that organizations are most concerned about. 
  • There are several competing priorities for IT professionals to improve their security posture in 2022.

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