Why are Insurance providers increasingly singled out by cybercriminals?

Isolation Best Practices Guide for Insurance Providers

Insurance providers are increasingly singled out by cybercriminals because of the treasure trove of sensitive client information they maintain. Data such as Social Security numbers, employment history, and family contacts are targeted because it can be exploited for the purposes of healthcare and tax fraud.

Consolidated from hundreds of customer environments—we've put together this Isolation Best Practices Guide in order to help insurance providers optimize the deployment of an isolation platform for web, email, and documents. This guide will assist in the evaluation, selection, and deployment of a best-in-class isolation platform to fit an insurance provider’s specific needs and requirements. 

In it, we de-mystify Isolation and share best practices on:

  • Eliminating phishing attacks
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Comprehensive management capabilities

Download your copy of this Best Practices Guide today.