On-Demand Webinar

Microsoft Office 365: How Secure is Secure?

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the fastest-growing cloud-based productivity application suites ever created. But, while Office 365 is pervasive across organizations of all sizes, lingering concerns remain when it comes to the security of cloud-based applications, and especially cloud-based email. 

This well-founded apprehension is also felt by organizations migrating to or adopting Office 365, as phishing continues to be a top email security concern for all users of Office 365.

Watch the recording of this webinar for the answers to: 

  • Are Office 365 email security and Microsoft’s add-on security subscription services really “good enough”?
  • Does legacy detection protect users from new, sophisticated advances in malware and its delivery mechanisms, including email?
  • What solutions can address the gaps in email and web security left unaddressed in Office 365?