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The future of secure employee access

How Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) establishes secure network connectivity.

Organizations are finally beginning to understand that legacy hub-and-spoke network architectures need to be retired, and it may have taken a global pandemic for this shift to occur.

In March 2020, when workforces suddenly went completely remote, IT leaders scrambled to prop up overloaded remote access and virtual private network (VPN) environments to support access needs. However, these environments suffer from security and latency issues that had to be immediately addressed. Many responded by deploying Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) tools to replace or augment existing VPN environments.

Today, these solutions have matured tremendously to support hybrid and remote workforces and cater to the multi-cloud environments that enterprises operate from.

This SDxCentral Industry Guide to ZTNA focuses on providing insights aimed at establishing secure network connectivity to employees, no matter where they’re connecting from or what they’re connecting from. Key insights include:

  • A nuanced approach to ZTNA for cloud-centric environments
  • Preventing unauthorized access with Zero Trust
  • A modern approach to providing secure web application access

Download your free copy of this report to learn why organizations are increasingly concerned with establishing secure network connectivity and why a modernized Zero Trust network may hold the key.

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