On-Demand Webinar

Why the Web is “Risky”: A Global Look at the First Half of 2018

No matter what industry you’re in, the spectrum of cyber attackers targeting your organization is growing. Financially-motivated cybercriminals, nation-state-sponsored intelligence gatherers, politically-motivated hackers, and even competitors are among those who might be testing your systems today, or looking for a way to get in. The web is the perfect launching pad for cyberattacks on your organization because cyber attackers have many ways to and places from which to initiate their attacks. 

Based on research done by our Menlo Security Labs team, who analyzed the Alexa Top 50 websites for six hyper-connected countries,  this webinar shares the findings from our State of the Web First Half 2018 report, and demonstrates why working and playing on the web remains as perilous as ever.  

This webinar recording highlights:  

  • Findings that illustrate how easy it is for cyber criminals to leverage the web for cyberattacks
  • The Menlo Security Labs’ research methodology
  • How to mitigate - and eliminate - the web’s risks, and get out in front of cyberattackers