Web Isolation Weekly Demo

Friday | 9:30a.m. PDT/12:30 p.m. EDT

Web Isolation
Weekly Demo Series

Detection based security tries to determine good vs bad. However, modern threats evade existing security defenses and continues to make headlines.

Web Isolation assumes ALL content is risky and eliminates sophisticated threats like malware, making web browsing 100% safe.

By isolating all web content in secure browsers hosted in an always-on cloud, Menlo Security prevents attacks from ever reaching endpoint devices.

Sign up for this demo session to see the Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway in action. 

Attendees will see:

  • how it defends users from malicious content hosted on websites and inside documents with no impact on user experience or productivity

  • why customers report total elimination of malware infections and almost 100% decline in credential loss via web

  • how easy it is for admins to provision the platform

  • how seamless it is for employees to use

Attend our 20-minute Tech Demo on our Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway to see how web isolation can help you eliminate malware and improve productivity of your employees.

Hope to see you there!