Live Webinar

October 24th | 10:00a.m. PDT/1:00 p.m. EDT

The whats, whys and hows of Credential Phishing

How many times have you (or someone you know) clicked on a link in an email that you thought was from a trusted sender?  Credential phishing attacks are on the rise in enterprises. Threat actors are experts at manipulating users’ emotions and human nature to get them to click on a ‘safe’ link.

Enterprise security professionals need to better understand these increasingly common forms of cyber attacks, how they can infiltrate your organization and challenge the traditional approach of detecting these malicious links. Don’t let credential phishing attacks stand a chance.

In the spirit of Cybersecurity awareness month, join our webinar, October 24th as we explore and answer: 

  • What is credential phishing?
  • Why credential phishing is so effective
  • The anatomy of a real credential phishing attack
  • How isolation can stop these types of attacks

We hope to see you there!