On-Demand Recording

Webinar: Why You Should Have
Zero Trust in the Web

Today, attackers leverage the web’s ubiquity and users’ trust to infect devices and propagate malware. Website categorization has been compromised. Phishing and spear-phishing attacks drive today’s most significant data breaches, and clicking on apparently legitimate links within phishing emails exposes users to credential theft or malware infections, and possibly ransomware. “Trusted” websites are not as safe as first thought, and the list goes on.

Whether users are accessing it for business or pleasure, the Internet today is no longer a place that can be trusted.

Watch this recording to earn how you can protect your users and lower your odds of a web-borne, companywide cyberattack.

This webinar will highlight:

  • Why the internet remains a dangerous place
  • Best practices for lowering the odds of a cyberattack
  • Newer technologies that are solving this problem